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Roma – Not on the Bandwagon

I think the poster above sums up my feeling after seeing this film, I needed to be held. I was rather excited to see Roma based on the reviews I had read – all praise worthy. Let’s get to what I really liked – the cinematography was stunningly beautiful, along with the music and the interplay between the actors. Where it let me down was the actual story, I had too many questions and never felt the connection with Cleo – but I do not think anybody did or can.

It seems like it is her story, but she could really be a cardboard cutout (blank canvas), and it is how others are going about their business. I just found it odd how much these people seem to care for her, but she is not really there: Watching TV, Stillborn Baby, Picking Up Dog Pooh, Watching A Shooting, Saving Drowning Children – yes all important scenes and some intense, but these just come across as tasks within a day and someone has to fulfill, and it is Cleo. This is what makes the image above slightly disturbing to me, and what makes the image of her in the car driving back home so hard to watch. The camera seems to love her, but she is just not there – and it is most definitely not the Actor’s fault – the story’s.

I sat in the dark, and for the first time ever – I left before the end credits (I NEVER DO THIS). I believe that each and every person connected with a film should be honored, not just the visable ones. I left because I felt let down by the director, he did not care about his character, so why should I about his film. It really is too bad it will be seen on a TV screen, the beauty of this film needs to be seen on a GIANT movie theater screen. I will try to see it again, and will report back.

I hate to do this, but I really cannot justify giving higher:

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