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Green Book – Deserving

I had read so much comparing Green Book to Driving Miss Daisy….well most of the action does take place in a car – I just do not really see the comparison. The Green Book really pushes the envelope when it comes to showing racism at its worst: Not being able to eat at the hotel he is booked to play 1 hour later, taken into police custody to name a few.

I think what I liked about the movie is the respect that both actors brought to their roles and to each other. It was a pleasure to watch them both mature before our eyes. Was their true character really ever changed, I doubt it, but for a short period the mixing of their worlds was change.

Yes there are few time errors, but I think the feel of the movie was true to itself. But, on a whole, the film kept my attention and I had a few good laughs (truly – was surprised).

I would rate this movie:

This is the second movie to get 4 1/2 stars and if I were voting for best picture it would be rather difficult between this and The Favourite. The Green Book is more Hollywood and of a recent time, so I think it does have a slight edge, but it will be difficult without a Director nomination. I was am pleased to recommend this film, and I do hope it finds the wide audience it deserves.

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