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The Favourite – Who Is It?

We saw The Favourite last night and was completely surprised and enjoyed it immensely. What a tale of wickedness, game playing, one upmanship and just plain laughter. This is what I found surprising – is how much humor was in the script and how well the actors delivered this much needed comic relief.

I am probably one of the only people to ever see Giorgos Lanthimos’s The Lobster, and I was intriged by what he might do with this story. He took something so absurd in The Lobster and made it believable – The Favourite takes the intricate details of court life and brings them to the forefront. I think Giorgos will have a successful career in the future – he is good.

The actors he chose where also so well cast. I am not a huge fan of Emma Stone, but she pulled it off, and I must say what a relief it was to see her calm down in a roll. Rachel Weisz, has always been a superb actor, and she did not disappoint at all. I was surprised that they toned down her natural beauty – very interesting. And Olivia Coleman, never heard of her, but she pulled out all the stops and did exactly what she was supposed to: strong, weak, neurotic and playful – all at once.

It was nice to see that this story was based on some factual issues, and so it makes it even a bit more intriguing. It also reminded me of how many movies have used this same theme to their advantages: All About Eve and Dangerous Liaisons come to mind. I have to wonder if the rolls had been played by men instead of women, would it have had the same impact.

I give this movie

It does deserve all the accolades it has received, and I do hope people will give it a view – well done!!!

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