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Engaging – On Chesil Beach

I am pleased that I had the opportunity to see this remarkable little film. Today, we take sex and relationships so casually that it is wonderful to see what a struggle it can be, especially when both parties come with some heavy baggage behind them, and it is 1962. It also does not help when both individuals are unable to truly communicate their darkest fears.

While both characters speak quite a bit about what is going on, they really never get down to the nitty gritty details of finding out what the other needs or wants. They are both walking slightly on egg shells and do not listen properly when all hell breaks loose.

The movie is done in rather heavy gray tones with the weather, classroom, homes…color comes when they are most happy dating and finding out about each other, when she plays her music and him…rarely. That is not his fault, and while he tries – he ultimately cannot commit to finding out more about his wife. There is also a somewhat class difference that can play a roll, though I thought while seeing the movie, it was rather minor. Now, upon reflection, I think her naivity and his gruffness are in part class related – even her mother says at some point at the dinner table about the family’s status.

I find it a rather honest movie, and this is where it got me and brought me to a rather dark place – I liked that, a movie that can move one to an emotional level, which was never expected. The acting is superb and all the supporting characters fill their small rolls well and fully.  My hats off to whoever signed off on this movie, thank you for making a wonderful picture.

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