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Won’t You Be My Neighbor – Fondest Memories

I saw the documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor,

and I must say it was a wonderful experience, just like my memories of his show growing up. I even watched it into my teen years, there was something so simple and kind about everything that was done on the show. I was surprised to see how adventurous the show actually explained regarding: death, bullying and many other issues. We need someone to explain this today!! He never talked down to kids, but put them at ease and on equal footing – what an amazing human he was, and I wish we could all have just a bit more kindness today.

The documentary was sentimental but in a good way, not sweet at all. I would have loved to hear from him wife and boys whether he really ever lost his temper, but that is a side note.

Anyone who wants to remember childhood fondly, and who watched this show would be ever so pleased to see this movie.

I give it:

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