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Convent St. John Müstair

This convent is in the far eastern section of Switzerland, Graubunden, near the Italian border. The Convent itself is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983. I was not able to see the small chapel, as it is undergoing renovation – also the frescos behind the main alter are also hidden by walls.

The Planta Tower was built in 960 by Bishop Hartpert of Chur, and was one of many Carolingian churches, monasteries and convents built in the area. In 1163, Bishop Egino donated the building to the newly established nuns’ convent.

The frescos through out are lovely. I also like that you can see that this was a working place, and is still in use today.

The under renovation chapel is on the left, the church on the right

The Chapel

Baptism of Jesus

Baroque alter piece, it is not infront of the center Apse, which I think is also being renovated

The left Apse with the martydom of Apostles Peter and Paul (bottom), above is Peter and Paul in prayer with the fall of Simon the Magician, above left Peter and Paul fight with Simon and above right Peter tames the wild dog with the host

The stoning and buriel of St. Stephen, above right is the consecration, procession before th high council and above right Apostle, Mary and an angel during Ascession

Small baroque chapel to the right of main church

Prayer Wall

Celing of main church

Holy water container at door of nun’s bed chamber

The bed was exceptionally short and built-in

One huge difference, in my eyes, is that sculptures from this time were so brutalistic realistic

Most likely after the lashings, he would have been completely bloody

Various baroque sculputes from Johannes Patsch around 1630

Alterreliefs of Mary’s life from about 1520

Kitchen smoking room with contemporary art work

I thought the artist, GertrudAnna Wyden really did a great installation of her work. This is where the fire would have been built, then reduced to smoke the meats, fish etc.

Beautiful Solarium

Better view of the colors

The gravesides are just lovely

The back of the church, and the ancient Planta Tower to the right.

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