Exhibition: Francis Bacon/Alberto Giacometti – Fondation Beyeler

I have added the first names of the artists represented in this fantastic exhibition currently showing at the Fondation Beyeler, Riehen, Switzerland. I did this after talking with the head registrar at Beyeler, and somehow the confusion Bacon/Giacometti can bring. I personally do not see it, but it is a show worth taking a look.

First off, mmm, why them together. I will give just a brief view and to what I saw: Their figures are always in such confined spaces, whether it is a box/cube or frame, and then their is the literal distortian of the human figure both in paintings and sculptures. Was rather facinating.

Now, I have never been a huge Francis Bacon fan…he disturbs me, greatly. But, I walked through with a friend of mine, who does not know him or his work at all, and the first thing he said – Bacon’s backgrounds remind him of the old Saturday cartoons on TV, where the background stays constant and flat, while the important image that should be seen is forefront, or done with greater care or movement.  This notion opened up a whole new view for me on Bacon, and it makes sense. His colors and paint application is rather flat and thinly done. While the figure is usually done with heavy paint and brush strokes or manipulation of the paint surface itself. To me, this means he really thought what the view should be seeing and what was important.

Giacometti on the other hand is just, for me a Master. Whether it is a simple drawing, painting or sculpture he has such a unique perspective and way of bringing the figure to life. There is much here in this exhibition worth seeing.

Being able to view these two artists together is a unique opportunity to see two artists who knew each other and had some influences on each other. Well done Beyeler, and thank you for doing a good show.

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