Ernesto Neto – Gaia Mother Tree

I had the luck, and privilage, to be able to see this wonderful work before it comes down on the 29th July. The artist, Ernesto Neto, has created a public art work that fills the huge main hall of the Z├╝rich Main Train Station.

The amount of amazing work that has gone into building this monumental work is astonishing. It seems that each ribbon on cotton has been handwoven and creates this gigantic tree that one can see through as well as enter. This is the amazing bit, entering the stem and walking to the middle gives such a calm easy feeling.

The middle has been set aside, the artist created a floor piece that embroidered with more of the same cotton ribbon, for mediation and relaxing. There are benches all around and pillows to lie on. A long length of intertwining ribbons extends from the top to the floor through the center of the sculpture.

It is truly an awesome experience.

Ernesto Neto – Gaia Mother Tree

The canapy is made up of many layers and while the pattern is rather similar throughout, the various colors and weavign give a lovely texture that envelopes you. It seems rather simple upon first inspection, but it is rather complex with various views through, up, down, around, down…rather exciting, actually.

Organized by the Fondation Beyeler, Riehen, Switzerland

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