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Incredibles 2 – In the Minority

Well, I am in Budapest working, and it is my thing to see movies while traveling. I saw Incredibles 2 last night, and I have to say I was rather disappointed.

The disappoint comes from, I think, being bombarded with way too many super hero movies over the last few years. We have had so many this Spring and Summer, I have lost count. The Incredibles 2 was better than most, I will give it that, but it bored me.

I cannot ever remember being bored by a Pixar film, ever!!! I am probably one of their number one fans when it comes to their movies, and I have reseen each numerous times.  But, Incredibles 2 was just a rehash of an old tired theme, and I have grown tired to this routine.

That is not to say that the 3-D effects and the visual presentation of the film were not outstanding. It is so cool to see exactly how each new Pixar release on the big screen have come and go with the visual presentations. Animation continues to astound me with just the clear nature of the picture…WOW. I am a fan of realizism but I really prefer to see my animation as just that, animation.

I am not sure the making a Super Hero movie into animation brings anything new to the table, like the first Incredibles. Yes, there are countless TV cartoons, but I felt the first one had something to say, and did it well. If the story does not bring something new, it does not matter what form it is in, it will loose my attention.

This is a shame because there were some very good ideas, starting with Auntie Edna as babysitter – loved it. But, most other ideas seemed a bit cliched and over used (wife works, dad stays home, teen girl gets asked out, embarring moments, etc…) Even the villian to me was obvious, such a shame she ran out of gas towards the end, and ended up being the repeated bad guy once again.

So I rate this film (2 for story and 5 for visual):


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