Cosmos Discovery – Brno, Czech Republic

I have been asked to take a look at this exhibition in Brno, and while it is not my usual exhibition to visit, I have to say I was rather impressed.

First off, it is a stunning architectual important building. The building is in the expo-center in Brno.

The building was completed in 1959 and recently rennovated.

Look at that staircase, WOW

Buckmister Fuller would be oh so proud.

The rest of the expo area aslo has some outstanding buildings:

This is building A with a Henri Moore sculpture in a dry fountain

Side view of Building A

One of the many arms of Building A – a homage to the temples of old

Just gorgeous – the lines are so clean and lovely

Must be roasting in this glass temple, but what a beauty

A very old fashioned design for a stadium/exhibition house, but I think it holds up rather well.

Okay, now back to the exhibition. My reference for this type of exhibition is The Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC, which is to say high. This exhibition is clear and shows a relatively good timeline of the space race between the Russians and Americans.

What I found interesting is that the Americans designed to be pleasing to the eye, while the Russians designed for functionality. It could also be a question of funds, but it really is an interesting aspect to see.

The exhibition is divided into the usual various eras of the last 65 years of man in space. Beginning with Sputnik and Mercury, then Apollo, Soyuz, Space Stations, Shuttle, Memorial, and Mars. Each has good texts explaining and clarifying the story. The objects, while some are reproductions, there are many originals as well.

My favorites were most definitely seeing the various stages of the inner suits, bulky to slimlined.

And finally of course the food

I think vacuumization of food has come a long long way today.

All in all this exhibition gives a visitor the chance to see and learn something that they may not have easy access. Yes, all of this is on the internet, but it is another thing to have the objects at hand, and to see just how things happened in one place.

My parting statement, I am so glad I was not an astronaut – why? Those seats they are required to sit in are well, VERY UNCOMFORTABLE – yes. And this is something one can see in an exhibition.

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