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Swimming with Men – Just Fun

The film, Swimming with Men, is not a great movie nor will it change the face of cinema, but it will give you 90 minutes of enjoyment. You will also laugh, get a little sentimental and forget your troubles. It was just what was needed after a stressful day of work. BTW, this was seen in Budapest, at the nicest little theater:  Művész Cinema

It was sad to see “Bubbles”, Jane Horrocks, a bit wasted in her roll, but on the other hand, she plays some one serious and moving ahead in her life. So, it was nice to see her in a non-comedic roll. Her best roll so far is, Little Voice…totally amazing performance.

So, back to the film. It was a joy to see men bonding over a silly thing as sychonized swimming, but it was well worth it.

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