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East Meets West – “What Will People Say”

Boy was this a tough movie to watch, but I also think very important, especially in our current climate. As a Westerner it was really difficult to watch what is culturally acceptable in an Eastern culture, but not necessarily so in the West.  This being said – the story does take place in the West, and this is where it becomes heartbreaking.

When an immigrant is forced to leave their homeland, and settle into a different culture, how much of who you are do you bring with you. And what happens when you have children who adopt 100% the new culture as their own. First off, the kids want to fit in, and be accepted by their piers…sounds like any kid going to school – try to fit in as best you can.

The daughter has good friends and hangs out, maybe a bit too much, but she continues to have good grades. What happens when a misunderstanding happens, and you are forced from your comfort zone into a bizarre unknown world. As an immigrant you are in both worlds a stranger.

I could also go on about preceptions and expectations others put into place to save face on the family, while important in the movie it is more a clash of old and new mashing it up.

I am pleased that the movie ended the way it did, it could really go no further. Separation is tough, but sometimes necessary for someone’s well being. I am actually giving this movie a 3.75 (I do not give it a four, because I am not sure I want to own this movie, and it is better than a 3.5), though I do think it should be seen. Maybe it can open up a dialogue about culture and how our expectations put strain and demands on families. Just expect to be placed into a state of shock afterwards, and start to questions things.


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